From Our House to Yours

This is an especially unique block as it is long and meaningful. With two houses and a path between our homes, this block is a symbol of our friendship and open hearth at this time of year.

Fabric Requirements :

Houses 9.5”x9.5”

For each house cut your fabric in the following sizes. You will require two full houses

Sky top – [email protected] 1.5”X9.5” using different sky fabrics for each house.
Sky Roof – [email protected] 3.5”x3.5”
Roof HST – 1 @ 3.5”X3.5”
Roof Center – 1 @ 3.5”X3.5”
Sky beside house – 2 @ 1.5”X4.5”
House body top – [email protected]”X7.5”
House body left/right panel – [email protected] 1.5”X3.5”
House body panel by door [email protected]”X3.5”
House body panel under window [email protected]”X2.5”
Door for House – [email protected]”X3.5”
Window for House – [email protected]”X2.5”
Yard Area [email protected]”x9.5”


2 colours one that represents snow and one that represents grass for the background. The path will also have 2 colours one to represent a dirt path and another to represent a snowy path.

Each Background 20”x8”
Each Path 20”X3.5”
Border fabric(trees) 40”X2” ( trim to fit once background and paths are together.


Horse – 7”X5”
Sled – 6”X3.5
Runners – 6”X2”

Assembly Instructions can be found here :

Applique Pieces


Horse is a free clipart that can be found on many clipart sites.


Credit for the sleigh goes to My Favorite things for the image of their Die Cutter which we used as an applique. The die is no longer sold on their site or their distributors from what we can tell but hey shout out to them for the awesome design 🙂

House Assembly

Credit for the house block goes to

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