LongArming at Reasonable Prices

Our quilting pricing is built in multiple components to allow you an a la carte experience in selecting those options which meet your requirements.


Our Standard Quilting is an Edge to Edge with a medium density pattern. 

$0.025 per Sq Inch 


A custom quilt pattern with a medium density stitching pattern or multiple patterns

$0.030 per Sq Inch 


A complex custom pattern with a medium density stitching pattern

$0.04 per Sq Inch


A complex or moderately complex pattern with a high-density stitching pattern

$0.045 per Sq Inch

All of the Extras

Enjoy the best designs and service combined together

As part of all our quilting services, we:
  • Trim excess backing and batting flush with the quilt top, so it is ready for you to bind.
  • All cut-offs are returned except for any test areas for tension.
Additional Services
  • Assembly of Backing – $10.00
  • Full Binding – $0.20 per linear inch
  • Partial Binding – $0.10 per linear inch (One Side)
  • Piece Backing (per seam) – $10.00
  • Multiple Thread Colours – $4.00 per colour per quilt
  • Variegated and Specialty Threads – $10 per quilt
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