Quilting has been around for a long time. That being said the times have changed how quilting is/can be done. Long Arm Quilting has become a standard for producing beautiful art and at the Mom and Pop Quilt Shop we also enjoy the passion of this style of Quilting

Quilt Types We Specialize In

Paper Piecing

There are 2 types of Paper Piecing, Foundation and English style. Paper Piecing of either type gives highly accurate corners and points as it is sewn using paper blocks or pattern sheets.  We Love to do this style of pattern!

Strip Quilting

Strip quilting is the art of using strips to create patterns out of strips of fabric. These patterns can be highly complex and have amazing results like bargellos

Scrap Quilting

Scrap quitling is exactly as it sounds.  The use of scraps to make a quilt.  This doesn’t mean the quality is any less or the patterns any less complex. It only means that the fabric used is offcuts and scrap pieces.  This type of quilt makes amaizing quilts with tons of character.

Art Style Quilting

The Art Style of quilting uses Applique and other techniques to tell a story or picture. 

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