Why a cardinal for our 2017 Christmas quilt? Roxanne Joan Beckwith Coatney outlines it best in our minds;

“The cardinals are a symbol of faith and warmth with their bright red colour in the dreary days of winter, during which time Christmas comes. Their red colour is also a symbol or reminder of blood Jesus Christ shed for us on the cross. That’s why the cardinal is so often seen on Christmas cards and as decorations on trees, wreaths, and garlands as well as painted on shop windows in winter or Christmas scenes.”

Please note that this cardinal pattern is a recreation of the images found on Pinterest and we take no credit for anything other than the building of the pattern to match the size we are looking for for the 2017 Christmas Quilt. We are providing this to our viewers as an example of how to make this pattern. All credit goes to the original creator of this very cute block.

The pattern is a 12 inch finished block with 4 or more fabric colours or you can switch out the body of red to multiple reds is you so desire and also the greens.

Cut chart



Row By Row Assembly

Assemble all of your cuts following the video Link Here or above

1st Row

2nd Row

3rd Row

4th Row

5th Row

6th Row



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    • Hi Julee, There are links to each one of the blocks in the videos. If you cannot find them there then please use the contact us pages and we will send you a link for the one you are missing.

    • There is no ordered pattern for this. All the details you need to make the pattern are here on the page or in the video.

  1. Mom and Pop Quilt Shop,

    Ever since I found you on Youtube I cannot stop watching. You have a wonderful show and have helped me alot. Alot. My confidence has come a long way just knowing that I am not alone.
    Thank you, for sharing all the free stuff. That makes things easy for all of us. I am Thankful for persons like you.

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