Quilt Blocks from All Over The World,

One of our fabulous fans had the wonderful idea on our live stream to do an around the world quilt. The quilt would be made from blocks from the viewers and sent to us to assemble and quilt. Well, we thought the idea was wonderful so we are excited to receive the blocks as they come in and look forward to putting out the first quilt early in the new year.  9.5″ block is what we are including in the quilt.  It should say something about you or where you’re from or both

The Purpose of the quilt is to show off some of our talented viewer’s blocks at the same time as giving back to the quilt shop for the hard work Laura-Lynn puts in to bring her projects and enthusiasm to YouTube.


If you would like to send in a block you can send it to the address below:

Attention: Laura-Lynn,
PO Box 367,
Hillsburgh, Ontario,
Canada, N0B1Z0

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