This 2019 Halloween is designed through the use of some Applique, Paper Piecing and pieced quilt blocks all of which are free.  There is a custom art applique in the center which is based off of Halloween Image found on the internet.


 Halloween Quilt Layout

Feature Fabric

You will need the following pieces of feature fabric to use as filler around the blocks of the quilt. 

QTY Width Length
2 4″


2 4.5″ 6.5″
2 10.5″ 8.5″
2 6.5″ 4.5″
2 10.5″ 4.5″
2 4″ 4.5″
2 11.5″ 2.5″
2 5″ 16.5″
2 10.5″ 6.5″

Blocks in This Quilt

Coffin Block – Create 10 blocks
The Coffin Block should be built at the size of the design which is 6.5″X6.5″
Pumpkin 2– 2 copies 16.5″X 12.5″
The strips that are part of the sides should be shortened to 16.5″ and there is no bottom strip added for this quilt. please omit the 12.5″X2.5″ strip listed in the pattern.  The stems of these pumpkins will go towards the centers of the quilt making it look like they are laying on their sides.
Pumpkin 1 – Create 2 blocks
This is a very complex Paper piecing and please pay attention to seam allowances as they will have to be added to each part A through F.  during the Video it will be explained in detail on how to accomplish this.

Spooky cute cat  Create 2 blocks

This is a 10.5″ X 10.5 ” block.

Spooky Spider applique – Create 4 Blocks

This is a 10.5″ X 10.5 ” block.  print of this PDF will allow for the correct size to be appliqued however it will be larger than the 10.5″ overall block size.  Instructions will be provided as to how we will be using this in the video.

Witch’s boots

We are just using the Boots from this pattern.  The final block size will be 15.5″X 10.5″


Bat Side Borders – 2 borders – 26 inches long

Witch Hats

We are using just 2 and 11 for this quilt but feel free to use any 2 options if you don’t like these two. Resize the image to match a block of 9″X6.5″ or create many small hats to make a colloge of witchiest hatlyness.



 Like the Hats we have chosen 2 specific brooms but you could choose whatever you would like for your Quit.  You will need to resize these images to make them fit the full 14″ length.  We recommend printing them to fit a full 8.5X11 sheet of paper.

 The block is 7″ x 14.5″


Custom Art Block

The final block is the custom centerpiece.  It needs to be printed at 200% for all of the individual components.  you can skip printing of the whole image.  Click the link below to download.  Don’t forget to use some fun fabrics for the grave stones.

Halloween Spooky Graveyard

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