Quilt Sizing

We often get asked how much you charge for doing quilting on a project. Well the answer to that is somewhat complex depending on what you are looking for. To start you need to know how large your quilt project will be. Below is a table to determine how big your quilt should be and it will give an idea of how large your quilt top should be. This is what we base our cost on so knowing this will be important.

Please note that these are standard sizes and custom sizes are possible.

Standard Mattress TypeMattress SizeComforter
(short drop)
(long drop)
Crib27” x 52”---------
Youth32” x 66”58” x 79”64” x 92”74” x 98”
Twin/Single39” x 75”65” x 88”71” x 101”81” x 107”
Twin, X-Long39” x 80”65” x 93”71” x 106”81” x 112”
Double/Full54” x 75”80” x 88”86” x 101”96” x 107”
Double, XL54” x 80”80” x 93”86” x 106”96” x 112”
Queen60” x 80”86” x 93”92” x 106”102” x 112”
King78” x 80”104” x 93”110” x 106”120” x 112”
California King72” x 84”98” x 97”104” x 110”114” x 116”
Add to mattress width26”32”42”
Add to mattress length13”26”32”
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