Quilting Pricing

Our quilting pricing is built in multiple components to allow you an a la carte experience in selecting those options which meet your requirements.

Our quilting is offered in 4 types;

  • A Standard Edge to Edge(Panto-graph) quilting is $0.025 per sq inch.
  • Custom Quilting – Level 1 – A simple pattern custom quilt with a medium density stitching pattern
  • Custom Quilting – Level 2 – A moderately complex custom pattern with a medium density stitching pattern
  • Custom Quilting – Level 3 – A complex or moderately complex pattern with a high-density stitching pattern

On review with you, we will help you understand which level your quilting desire will fit into.

As part of all our quilting services, we trim excess backing and batting flush with
quilt top so it is ready for you to bind. All Cut offs are returned with the exception of any test areas for tension. If you do not want this free service please let us know ahead of time.


We currently offer 4 types of batting.

  • 50/50 Cotton/Bamboo
  • Poly-fil Polyester batting
  • Wool batting
  • Premium 100% Cotton


If you desire we can completely finish your quilt for you. We will make the binding with your backing fabric (or supplied fabric), sew the binding to the front and hand stitch to the back to finish off the quilt. We charge $0.20 per linear inch for this service.

Another option for binding is for us to do it partially, sewing the binding made from your backing fabric (or supplied fabric) to the front of your quilt. All that is left for you to do then is the final fold and hand or machine stitch. We charge $0.10 per linear inch for this service.


Additional Charges – **Not in estimate calculator**

  • Thread – Multiple Colours – $4.00 per colour per quilt
  • Variegated and Specialty Threads – $10 per quilt
  • Square Up Backing – $10.00
  • Piece Backing (per seam) – $10.00
  • Iron Quilt Backing or Top – $15
Total Area:

Complete Service Cost:

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